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The solana library implements the Solana high-performance blockchain architecture. It includes a full Rust implementation of the architecture (see Validator) as well as hooks to GPU implementations of its most paralellizable components (i.e. SigVerify). It also includes command-line tools to spin up validators and a Rust library


The banking_stage processes Transaction messages. It is intended to be used to contruct a software pipeline. The stage uses all available CPU cores and can do its processing in parallel with signature verification on the GPU.

A stage to broadcast data from a leader node to validators

this service receives instruction ExecuteTimings from replay_stage, update cost_model which is shared with banking_stage to optimize packing transactions into block; it also triggers persisting cost table to blockstore.

The fetch_stage batches input from a UDP socket and sends it to a channel.

The gen_keys module makes lots of keypairs

The ledger_cleanup_service drops older ledger data to limit disk space usage

The ledger_metric_report_service periodically reports ledger store metrics.

Quality of service for block producer. Provides logic and functions to allow a Leader to prioritize how transactions are included in blocks, and optimize those blocks.

The repair_service module implements the tools necessary to generate a thread which regularly finds missing shreds in the ledger and sends repair requests for those shreds

The replay_stage replays transactions broadcast by the leader.

The retransmit_stage retransmits shreds between validators

The shred_fetch_stage pulls shreds from UDP sockets and sends it to a channel.

The sigverify module provides digital signature verification functions. By default, signatures are verified in parallel using all available CPU cores. When perf-libs are available signature verification is offloaded to the GPU.

The sigverify_stage implements the signature verification stage of the TPU. It receives a list of lists of packets and outputs the same list, but tags each top-level list with a list of booleans, telling the next stage whether the signature in that packet is valid. It assumes each packet contains one transaction. All processing is done on the CPU by default and on a GPU if perf-libs are available

The tpu module implements the Transaction Processing Unit, a multi-stage transaction processing pipeline in software.

The tvu module implements the Transaction Validation Unit, a multi-stage transaction validation pipeline in software.

The validator module hosts all the validator microservices.

window_service handles the data plane incoming shreds, storing them in blockstore and retransmitting where required