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A safe rust wrapper of libsndfile. With this crate, you can read or save audio files.

Getting started

With minimal features:

sndfile = "0.1"

With ndarray supports:

version = "0.1"
features = ["ndarray_features"]


extern crate sndfile;
extern crate ndarray;

fn main() {
  use sndfile::*;
  let mut snd = sndfile::OpenOptions::ReadOnly(ReadOptions::Auto).from_path(
  let data: ndarray::Array2<f32> = snd.read_all_to_ndarray().unwrap();

  let samplerate = snd.get_samplerate();
  let n_frame = snd.len().unwrap();
  let n_channels = snd.get_channels();
  let title = snd.get_tag(TagType::Title).unwrap();
  println!("Loaded song `{}`:", title);
  println!("  Length: {:.2} seconds", n_frame as f64 / samplerate as f64);
  println!("  Sample rate: {} Hz", samplerate);
  println!("  Channel count: {}", n_channels);
  println!("  DC offset = {}", data.mean().unwrap());

== Expected output ==
Loaded song `Loow`:
  Length: 277.06 seconds
  Sample rate: 44100 Hz
  Channel count: 2
  DC offset = 0.00018921464


Main struct of this crate.

This struct is unstable.

Options for writing audio files.


Struct to specify options when opening a audio file.

Options for reading audio files.

Type of tags


Do I/O operation on slice or iterator.

Do I/O operation on 2D ndarray.


This function allows the caller to check if a set of parameters before opening a file in write mode.

Returns default audio encoding format for given audio container format

Lock it before interacting with a few raw libsndfile functions in multithread context.

Get all supported audio container format

Get all supported audio encoding format