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This crate provides a generic parser for SMT2 commands, as specified by the SMT-LIB-2 standard.

Commands are parsed and immediately visited by a user-provided implementation of the trait visitors::Smt2Visitor.

To obtain concrete syntax values, use concrete::SyntaxBuilder as a visitor:

let input = b"(echo \"Hello world!\")(exit)";
let stream = CommandStream::new(
let commands = stream.collect::<Result<Vec<_>, _>>().unwrap();
assert!(matches!(commands[..], [
    concrete::Command::Echo {..},
assert_eq!(commands[0].to_string(), "(echo \"Hello world!\")");


pub use concrete::Error;


A concrete syntax tree together with building functions (aka parser visitors) and SEXP-printing functions.

Utilities for name resolution and renaming of bound symbols.

Rewriting of Smt2 values

A demo implementation of visiting traits that counts things.

The visiting traits expected by the SMT2 parser.


Parse the input data and return a stream of interpreted SMT2 commands

Record a position in the input stream.

Type Definitions

SMT2 binary values.

SMT2 decimal values.

SMT2 hexadecimal values.

A base-16 digit.

SMT2 numeral values.