Crate smptera_format_identifiers_rust[][src]

Format Identifier value on record with the SMPTE Registration Authority for use in MPEG Transport Stream data.

(This create is automatically generated from a mirror of the SMPTE-RA data by code in the smptera-format-identifiers-rust project.)

The simple wrapper type FormatIdentifier defines a constant for each format identifier in the SMPTE-RA data,

use std::io::stdout;
println!("{:?}", FormatIdentifier::AC_3);
// prints: FormatIdentifier(FourCC{AC-3})


Create from a slice,

let descriptor_data = b"\x05\x04CUEI";
let id = FormatIdentifier::from(&descriptor_data[2..6]);
assert_eq!(id, FormatIdentifier::CUEI);

Wrap an existing FourCC value,

let fcc = FourCC(*b"CUEI");
let id = FormatIdentifier(fcc);
assert_eq!(id, FormatIdentifier::CUEI);

Use provided constants in matches,

match FormatIdentifier::from(&descriptor_data[2..6]) {
    FormatIdentifier::CUEI => println!("SCTE-35 suspected"),
    FormatIdentifier::KLVA => println!("SMPTE RP 217-2001 KLV Packets?"),
    other_id => println!("Some other kinda stuff: {:?}", other_id),

Write bytes values,

let mut data = vec![];
let mut io = Cursor::new(data);

let id = &FormatIdentifier::ID3;
    .expect("write failed");

assert_eq!(io.into_inner(), [b'I', b'D', b'3', b' ']);



Identifier for data formats used in MPEG Transport Streams