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Smithay Client Toolkit

Provides various utilities and abstractions for comunicating with various Wayland compositors.


The crate is structured around the Environment type, which binds the wayland globals for you using a set of modular handlers. This type is used in conjunction with the environment! if you want full control, or by using the default_environment! macro to automatically bring in all SCTK modules.

The various modules work by adding methods to the Environment type, giving you more capabilities as more modules are activated.

Event Loops

SCTK integrates with calloop to provide an event loop abstraction. Indeed most Wayland apps will need to handle more event sources than the single Wayland connection. These are necessary to handle things like keyboard repetition, copy-paste, or animated cursors.

WaylandSource is an adapter to insert a Wayland EventQueue into a calloop event loop. And some of the modules of SCTK will provide you with other event sources that you need to insert into calloop for them to work correctly.


Helpers to handle data device related actions

Environment management utilities

Types and functions related to graphical outputs

Helpers to handle primary selection related actions.

Re-exports of some crates, for convenience

Types for automatically handling seats

Unified shell surface handling

Various small utilities helping you to write clients

Window abstraction


Declare a batteries-included SCTK environment

Macro for declaring an environment

Initialize a batteries-included SCTK environment


An error representing the fact that a required global was missing

An adapter to insert a Wayland EventQueue into a calloop event loop


Returns a list of outputs the surface is displayed on.

Returns the current suggested scale factor of a surface.