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SmallBitVec is a bit vector, a vector of single-bit values stored compactly in memory.

SmallBitVec grows dynamically, like the standard Vec<T> type. It can hold up to about one word of bits inline (without a separate heap allocation). If the number of bits exceeds this inline capacity, it will allocate a buffer on the heap.


use smallbitvec::SmallBitVec;

let mut v = SmallBitVec::new();

assert_eq!(v[0], true);
assert_eq!(v[1], false);


Creates a SmallBitVec containing the arguments.


An iterator that owns a SmallBitVec and yields its bits as bool values.

An iterator that borrows a SmallBitVec and yields its bits as bool values.

A resizable bit vector, optimized for size and inline storage.

An immutable view of a range of bits from a borrowed SmallBitVec.


A typed representation of a SmallBitVec’s internal storage.