Struct slog::OwnedKV[][src]

pub struct OwnedKV<T: ?Sized>(_)
    T: SendSyncRefUnwindSafeKV

Owned KV

"Owned" means that the contained data (key-value pairs) can belong to a Logger and thus must be thread-safe ('static, Send, Sync)

Zero, one or more owned key-value pairs.

Can be constructed with o! macro.

Trait Implementations

impl<T: ?Sized> KV for OwnedKV<T> where
    T: SendSyncRefUnwindSafeKV

Serialize self into Serializer Read more

impl<T> From<OwnedKV<T>> for OwnedKVList where
    T: SendSyncRefUnwindSafeKV + 'static, 

Performs the conversion.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<T: ?Sized> Send for OwnedKV<T>

impl<T: ?Sized> Sync for OwnedKV<T>