Struct slog::OwnedKeyValueList [] [src]

pub struct OwnedKeyValueList { /* fields omitted */ }

Chain of SyncMultiSerialize-s of a Logger and its ancestors


impl OwnedKeyValueList

New OwnedKeyValueList node with an existing parent

New OwnedKeyValue node without a parent (root)

Get the parent node element on the chain of values

Since OwnedKeyValueList is just a chain of SyncMultiSerialize instances: each containing one more more OwnedKeyValue, it's possible to iterate through the whole list group-by-group with parent() and values().

Get the head node SyncMultiSerialize values

Iterator over all OwnedKeyValue-s in every SyncMultiSerialize of the list

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for OwnedKeyValueList

Returns a copy of the value. Read more

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more