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Create slices of IO objects - std::io::Read and std::io::Write.

If you have a file (or any other object), you can create a slice (or view) into some subset of it.

IoSlice impls both std::io::Read and std::io::Write when the source implements them (and only one if the source only implements one).

example usage.

use { std::fs::File, slice::IoSlice };

let source = File::open("/home/annie/data.png")?;
let start  = 10;
let length = 1000;

// create a slice into `home/annie/data.png`, consisting of bytes [10 .. 10 + 1000]
// of that file.
// `slice` impls both `std::io::Read` and `std::io::Write` because `source`
// does too.
let slice = IoSlice::new(source, start, length);

// use like any other `std::io::Read` or `std::io::Write`:
//     slice.read_to_string(...)?;
//     slice.read_exact(...)?;
//     slice.write_all(...)?;
//     writeln!(slice, "hello {}", name)?;



A slice, subset, or view into some object.



Object cloning that can potentially fail.