Trait sled::transaction::Transactional[][src]

pub trait Transactional<E = ()> {
    type View;
    fn make_overlay(&self) -> Result<TransactionalTrees>;
fn view_overlay(overlay: &TransactionalTrees) -> Self::View; fn transaction<F, A>(&self, f: F) -> TransactionResult<A, E>
        F: Fn(&Self::View) -> ConflictableTransactionResult<A, E>
, { ... } }
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A type that may be transacted on in sled transactions.

Associated Types

An internal reference to an internal proxy type that mediates transactional reads and writes.

Required methods

An internal function for creating a top-level transactional structure.

An internal function for viewing the transactional subcomponents based on the top-level transactional structure.

Provided methods

Runs a transaction, possibly retrying the passed-in closure if a concurrent conflict is detected that would cause a violation of serializability. This is the only trait method that you’re most likely to use directly.

Implementations on Foreign Types