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Library to send messages to slack rooms supports entire messaging API, including attachments and fields also support for built-in colors as well as any hex colors


Actions are defined as an array, and values contained within it will be displayed with the message.

Slack allows for attachments to be added to messages. See for more information.

AttachmentBuilder is used to build a Attachment

Fields are defined as an array, and hashes contained within it will be displayed in a table inside the message attachment.

A HexColor String can be one of:

Payload to send to slack

PayloadBuilder is used to build a Payload

Handles sending messages to slack

Representation of a link sent in slack

Representation of any text sent through slack the text must be processed to escape specific characters

Slack timestamp

Representation of a user id link sent in slack


Change how messages are treated.

Sections define parts of an attachment.

Default slack colors built-in to the API See:

Public error type

Enum used for constructing a text field having both SlackText(s) and SlackLink(s). The variants should be used together in a Vec on any function having a Into<SlackText> trait bound. The combined text will be space-separated.

Type Definitions

Error handling convenience type