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Skytable client

This library is the official client for the free and open-source NoSQL database Skytable. First, go ahead and install Skytable by following the instructions here. This library supports all Skytable versions that work with the Terrapipe 1.0 Protocol. This version of the library was tested with the latest Skytable release (release 0.5.1).

Using this library

This library only ships with the bare minimum that is required for interacting with Skytable. Once you have Skytable installed and running, you’re ready to follow this guide!

We’ll start by creating a new binary application and then running actions. Create a new binary application by running:

cargo new skyapp

Tip: You can see a full list of the available actions here.

First add this to your Cargo.toml file:

skytable = "0.2.3"

Now open up your src/ file and establish a connection to the server:

use skytable::{Connection};
async fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
    let mut con = Connection::new("", 2003).await?;

We get an error stating that main() cannot be async! Now Connection itself is an async connection and hence needs to await. This is when you’ll need a runtime like Tokio. The Skytable database itself uses Tokio as its asynchronous runtime! So let’s add tokio to our Cargo.toml and also add the #[tokio::main] macro on top of our main function:

In Cargo.toml, add:

tokio = {version="1.5.0", features=["full"]}

And your should now look like:

use skytable::{Connection, Query, Response, RespCode, DataType};
async fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
    let mut con = Connection::new("", 2003).await?;

Now let’s run a Query! Add this below the previous line:

let mut query = Query::new();
let res = con.run_simple_query(query).await?;
assert_eq!(res, Response::Item(DataType::Str("HEY!".to_owned())));

Way to go — you’re all set! Now go ahead and run more advanced queries!


Open-source, and contributions … — they’re always welcome! For ideas and suggestions, create an issue on GitHub and for patches, fork and open those pull requests here!


This client library is distributed under the permissive Apache-2.0 License. Now go build great apps!


pub use connection::Connection;



Database connections



This struct represents a single simple query as defined by the Terrapipe protocol



A data type as defined by the Terrapipe protocol


Response codes returned by the server