[][src]Struct simple_rate_limit::RateLimiter

pub struct RateLimiter {
    pub limit: RateLimit,
    // some fields omitted

Enforces a RateLimit by maintaining a ring vector of timestamps capped at the RateLimit::count.


limit: RateLimit


impl RateLimiter[src]

pub fn new(limit: RateLimit) -> RateLimiter[src]

Create without preallocating storage. Ideal if it may go unused.

pub fn new_preallocated(limit: RateLimit) -> RateLimiter[src]

Create with preallocated storage. Ideal if you're likely to use it a lot to avoid resizing during fill.

pub fn check(&mut self) -> bool[src]

Checks whether we're able to perform the event at this time. On success, logs the current time to count towards future enforcement.

pub fn check_at(&mut self, instant: Instant) -> bool[src]

Like RateLimiter::check, but you can provide an arbitrary timestamp (useful for tests!).

Warning: do not go backwards in time, things will mess up.

pub fn sweep(&mut self, instant: Instant) -> bool[src]

Removes all readings before the period of our RateLimit, relative to the provided Instant.

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