Struct shippo::CustomsDeclaration[][src]

pub struct CustomsDeclaration {
Show fields pub object_id: String, pub object_owner: String, pub object_state: String, pub exporter_reference: String, pub importer_reference: String, pub contents_type: String, pub contents_explanation: String, pub invoice: String, pub license: String, pub certificate: String, pub notes: String, pub eel_pfc: String, pub aes_itn: String, pub non_delivery_option: String, pub certify: bool, pub certify_signer: String, pub disclaimer: String, pub incoterm: String, pub b13a_filing_option: String, pub b13a_number: String, pub items: Vec<String>, pub metadata: String, pub test: bool,
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A customs declaration object. Customs declarations are relevant information, including one or multiple customs items, you need to provide for customs clearance for your international shipments. FROM:


object_id: String

Unique identifier of the given object.

object_owner: String

Username of the user who created the object.

object_state: String

Indicates the validity of the Customs Item. “VALID” | “INVALID”

exporter_reference: String

Exporter reference of an export shipment.

importer_reference: String

Importer reference of an import shipment.

contents_type: String


contents_explanation: String

Explanation of the type of goods of the shipment.

invoice: String

Invoice reference of the shipment.

license: String

License reference of the shipment.

certificate: String

Certificate reference of the shipment.

notes: String

Additional notes to be included in the customs declaration.

eel_pfc: String

EEL / PFC type of the shipment. For most shipments from the US to CA, ‘NOEEI_30_36’ is applicable; for most other shipments from the US, ‘NOEEI_30_37_a’ is applicable. ‘NOEEI_30_37_a’ | ‘NOEEI_30_37_h’ | ‘NOEEI_30_37_f’ | ‘NOEEI_30_36’ | ‘AES_ITN’

aes_itn: String

AES / ITN reference of the shipment.

non_delivery_option: String

Indicates how the carrier should proceed in case the shipment can’t be delivered. ‘ABANDON’ | ‘RETURN’

certify: bool

Expresses that the certify_signer has provided all information of this customs declaration truthfully.

certify_signer: String

Name of the person who created the customs declaration and is responsible for the validity of all information provided.

disclaimer: String

Disclaimer for the shipment and customs information that have been provided.

incoterm: String

The incoterm reference of the shipment. FCA available for DHL Express and FedEx only.

b13a_filing_option: String

B13A Option details are obtained by filing a B13A Canada Export Declaration via the Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS). ‘FILED_ELECTRONICALLY’ | SUMMARY_REPORTING’ | ‘NOT_REQUIRED’

b13a_number: String

Represents: the Proof of Report (POR) Number when b13a_filing_option is FILED_ELECTRONICALLY; the Summary ID Number when b13a_filing_option is SUMMARY_REPORTING; or the Exemption Number when b13a_filing_option is NOT_REQUIRED.

items: Vec<String>

Distinct Parcel content items as Customs Items object_ids.

metadata: String

A string of up to 100 characters that can be filled with any additional information you want to attach to the object.

test: bool

Indicates whether the object has been created in test mode.

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