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An implementation of the SHA-3 cryptographic hash algorithms.

There are 6 standard algorithms specified in the SHA-3 standard:

  • SHA3-224
  • SHA3-256
  • SHA3-384
  • SHA3-512
  • SHAKE128, an extendable output function (XOF)
  • SHAKE256, an extendable output function (XOF)
  • Keccak224, Keccak256, Keccak384, Keccak512 (NIST submission without padding changes)

Additionally supports TurboSHAKE.


Output size of SHA3-256 is fixed, so its functionality is usually accessed via the Digest trait:

use hex_literal::hex;
use sha3::{Digest, Sha3_256};

// create a SHA3-256 object
let mut hasher = Sha3_256::new();

// write input message

// read hash digest
let result = hasher.finalize();

assert_eq!(result[..], hex!("

SHAKE functions have an extendable output, so finalization method returns XOF reader from which results of arbitrary length can be read. Note that these functions do not implement Digest, so lower-level traits have to be imported:

use sha3::{Shake128, digest::{Update, ExtendableOutput, XofReader}};
use hex_literal::hex;

let mut hasher = Shake128::default();
let mut reader = hasher.finalize_xof();
let mut res1 = [0u8; 10]; res1);
assert_eq!(res1, hex!("5881092dd818bf5cf8a3"));

Also see RustCrypto/hashes readme.




  • Convenience wrapper trait covering functionality of cryptographic hash functions with fixed output size.

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