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  • DataChannelHandler implements DataChannel Protocol handling
  • DemuxerHandler implements demuxing of STUN/DTLS/RTP/RTCP Protocol packets
  • DtlsHandler implements DTLS Protocol handling
  • ExceptionHandler implements exception handling for inbound or outbound directions
  • GatewayHandler implements Data/Media Selective Forward handling
  • InterceptorHandler implements RTCP feedback handling
  • RTCCertificate represents a X.509 certificate used to authenticate WebRTC communications.
  • RTCSessionDescription is used to expose local and remote session descriptions.
  • SctpHandler implements SCTP Protocol handling
  • ServerConfig provides customized parameters for SFU server
  • ServerStates maintains SFU internal states, such sessions, endpoints, etc.
  • SrtpHandler implements SRTP/RTP/RTCP Protocols handling
  • StunHandler implements STUN Protocol handling