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A query language for Serde data model.

This crate provides serde_query::Deserialize derive macro that generates serde::Deserialize implementation with queries.


struct Data {
    first_author: String,
    hash_value: u64,

let document = serde_json::to_string(&serde_json::json!({
    "commit": {
        "authors": ["Kou", "Kasumi", "Masaru"],
        "date": "2020-09-10",
    "hash": 0xabcd,

// The query is compatible with arbitrary data formats with serde support.
let data: Data = serde_json::from_str(&document)?;

assert_eq!(data.first_author, "Kou");
assert_eq!(data.hash_value, 0xabcd);

Derive macros

This crate provides the following two derive macros for declaring a query:

Each field must have a #[query(...)] attribute for specifying which part of the document should be retrieved, starting from the root.

#[query(...)] syntax

serde-query currently supports the following syntax for stepping one level inside the document. You can combine them to go further.

  • .field for accessing a field with a name field of an object. The field name must be an alphabet followed by zero or more alphanumeric characters.
  • .["field"] if the field name contains special characters. We recommend using a raw string literal for the query parameter (#[query(r#"..."#)]).
  • .[index] for accessing an array element at position index.

Note that mixing field access and index access at the same position of a document is a compile error.



A data structure that can be deserialized with a query.

Type Definitions


Convenient type alias for the query type.

Derive Macros


Derive macro that generates serde::Deserialize directly.


Derive macro for DeserializeQuery trait.