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serde_filter is a library crate that provides filtering abstractions for JSON objects and arrays using serde as a backend. It allows you to easily filter and transform complex JSON structures by providing a set of configurable filters.

The crate provides a number of out-of-the-box filters for common use cases, such as filtering by key or value, flattening nested objects and arrays, and more. You can also implement your own filters by implementing the Filter trait.

Using Pre-Built Filters

use serde_filter::prelude::*;
use serde_json::json;

fn main() where {
    let json = serde_json::json!({
        "Object" : {
               "explanation": "test",
               "activeRegionNum": 9876897,
         "2022": {
             "Object" : {
                 "explanation": "test",
                 "activeRegionNum": 1380402,
     let nums: Vec<u64> = filter::<Match<u64>>(json, &Match::new("activeRegionNum")).unwrap();
     assert_eq!(nums, vec![9876897u64, 1380402u64]);


  • The Filter trait and Adhoc filter function
  • Flattens a JSON object into a single level
  • The Ignore filter
  • The Match filter
  • Re-export filters