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A simple library to parse a command with arguments.

On a string that represents a command, such as one that is supposed to be passed to a shell, one can’t simply use split_whitespace, since some argumenst may be quoted and contain multiple words. This crate provides an analogous parser, which keeps quoted items together.


Additionlay, when the serde feature is enabled (which is the case by default), this crate provides a type Cmd which implements Deserialize. There is also a type CmdBorrow, which doesn’t do any copying unless necessary. Note that to use it when automatically deriving Deserialize, the field of this type needs to be marked with #[serde(borrow)] attribute.


Iterator over arguments of the command.

A command parsed into arguments that might be borrowed from the source.

Type Definitions

A variant of the command that borrows the data and does no copying unless necessary.