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Discovering and publishing OpenPGP certificates over the network.

This crate provides access to keyservers using the HKP protocol, and searching and publishing Web Key Directories.

Additionally the pks module exposes private key operations using the PKS protocol.


This example demonstrates how to fetch a certificate from the default key server:

let mut ks = KeyServer::keys_openpgp_org(Policy::Encrypted)?;
let keyid: KeyID = "31855247603831FD".parse()?;
println!("{:?}", ks.get(keyid).await?);

This example demonstrates how to fetch a certificate using WKD:

let certs = sequoia_net::wkd::get("").await?;


Private Key Store communication.

OpenPGP Keystore Update Manifests.

OpenPGP Web Key Directory client.


For accessing keyservers using HKP.

Indicates errors converting u8 to Policy.


Errors returned from the network routines.

Network policy for Sequoia.

Type Definitions

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