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This package implements a release name parser that is used by Sentry.

use sentry_release_parser::Release;

let release = Release::parse("org.example.FooApp@1.0rc1+20200101100").unwrap();
assert_eq!(release.package(), Some("org.example.FooApp"));
assert_eq!(release.version_raw(), "1.0rc1+20200101100");

let version = release.version().unwrap();
assert_eq!(version.major(), 1);
assert_eq!(version.minor(), 0);
assert_eq!(version.patch(), 0);
assert_eq!(version.triple(), (1, 0, 0));
assert_eq!(version.pre(), Some("rc1"));
assert_eq!(version.build_code(), Some("20200101100"));


  • semver: if enabled the version object provides a method to convert it into a semver if it’s compatible.
  • serde: turns on serde serialization.


An error indicating invalid versions.

Represents a parsed release.

Helper object to format a release into a description.

Represents a parsed version.


An error indicating invalid environment.

An error indicating invalid releases.


Given a string checks if the environment name is generally valid.

Given a string checks if the release is generally valid.