[][src]Trait sentry_core::TransportFactory

pub trait TransportFactory: Send + Sync {
    pub fn create_transport(
        options: &ClientOptions
    ) -> Arc<dyn Transport>; }

A factory creating transport instances.

Because options are potentially reused between different clients the options do not actually contain a transport but a factory object that can create transports instead.

The factory has a single method that creates a new arced transport. Because transports can be wrapped in Arcs and those are clonable any Arc<Transport> is also a valid transport factory. This for instance lets you put a Arc<TestTransport> directly into the options.

This is automatically implemented for all closures optionally taking options and returning a boxed factory.

Required methods

pub fn create_transport(&self, options: &ClientOptions) -> Arc<dyn Transport>[src]

Given some options creates a transport.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T: Transport> TransportFactory for Arc<T>[src]

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impl<F> TransportFactory for F where
    F: Fn(&ClientOptions) -> Arc<dyn Transport> + Clone + Send + Sync + 'static, 

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