[][src]Trait sentry_core::IntoBreadcrumbs

pub trait IntoBreadcrumbs {
    type Output: Iterator<Item = Breadcrumb>;
    pub fn into_breadcrumbs(self) -> Self::Output;

A helper trait that converts self into an Iterator of Breadcrumbs.

This is used for the add_breadcrumb function.

Associated Types

type Output: Iterator<Item = Breadcrumb>[src]

The iterator type for the breadcrumbs.

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Required methods

pub fn into_breadcrumbs(self) -> Self::Output[src]

This converts the object into an optional breadcrumb.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl IntoBreadcrumbs for Vec<Breadcrumb>[src]

impl IntoBreadcrumbs for Option<Breadcrumb>[src]

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impl IntoBreadcrumbs for Breadcrumb[src]

type Output = Once<Breadcrumb>

impl<F: FnOnce() -> I, I: IntoBreadcrumbs> IntoBreadcrumbs for F[src]

type Output = I::Output

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