[][src]Function sentry_core::configure_scope

pub fn configure_scope<F, R>(f: F) -> R where
    R: Default,
    F: FnOnce(&mut Scope) -> R, 

Invokes a function that can modify the current scope.

The function is passed a mutable reference to the Scope so that modifications can be performed. Because there might currently not be a scope or client active it's possible that the callback might not be called at all. As a result of this the return value of this closure must have a default that is returned in such cases.


use sentry::protocol::{Level, User};

let user = Some(User {
    username: Some("john_doe".into()),

sentry::configure_scope(|scope| {

sentry::capture_message("some message", Level::Info);

assert_eq!(captured_event.user, user);


While the scope is being configured accessing scope related functionality is not permitted. In this case a wide range of panics will be raised. It's unsafe to call into sentry::bind_client or similar functions from within the callback as a result of this.