[]Struct sentry_backtrace::Frame

pub struct Frame {
    pub function: Option<String>,
    pub symbol: Option<String>,
    pub module: Option<String>,
    pub package: Option<String>,
    pub filename: Option<String>,
    pub abs_path: Option<String>,
    pub lineno: Option<u64>,
    pub colno: Option<u64>,
    pub pre_context: Vec<String, Global>,
    pub context_line: Option<String>,
    pub post_context: Vec<String, Global>,
    pub in_app: Option<bool>,
    pub vars: BTreeMap<String, Value>,
    pub image_addr: Option<Addr>,
    pub instruction_addr: Option<Addr>,
    pub symbol_addr: Option<Addr>,

Represents a frame.


function: Option<String>

The name of the function is known.

Note that this might include the name of a class as well if that makes sense for the language.

symbol: Option<String>

The potentially mangled name of the symbol as it appears in an executable.

This is different from a function name by generally being the mangled name that appears natively in the binary. This is relevant for languages like Swift, C++ or Rust.

module: Option<String>

The name of the module the frame is contained in.

Note that this might also include a class name if that is something the language natively considers to be part of the stack (for instance in Java).

package: Option<String>

The name of the package that contains the frame.

For instance this can be a dylib for native languages, the name of the jar or .NET assembly.

filename: Option<String>

The filename (basename only).

abs_path: Option<String>

If known the absolute path.

lineno: Option<u64>

The line number if known.

colno: Option<u64>

The column number if known.

pre_context: Vec<String, Global>

The sources of the lines leading up to the current line.

context_line: Option<String>

The current line as source.

post_context: Vec<String, Global>

The sources of the lines after the current line.

in_app: Option<bool>

In-app indicator.

vars: BTreeMap<String, Value>

Optional local variables.

image_addr: Option<Addr>

If known the location of the image.

instruction_addr: Option<Addr>

If known the location of the instruction.

symbol_addr: Option<Addr>

If known the location of symbol.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Frame

impl Debug for Frame

impl Default for Frame

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Frame

impl PartialEq<Frame> for Frame

impl Serialize for Frame

impl StructuralPartialEq for Frame

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