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Unofficial Rust library for the SendGrid API.

This crate requires Rust 1.15 or higher as it uses a crate that has a custom derive implementation.

sendgrid-rs implements all of the functionality of other supported SendGrid client libraries. To use sendgrid-rs you must first create a SendGrid account and generate an API key. To create an API key for your SendGrid account, use the account management interface or see the SendGrid API Documentation.

sendgrid-rs is available on crates.io and can be included in your Cargo.toml as follows:

sendgrid = "X.X.X"


The projects has the following feature flags:

  • rustls: this feature flag switches the default SSL provider in the operating system (usually OpenSSL) with RusTLS, which is a TLS implementation in Rust.
  • native-tls: enabled by default, this feature flag enabled the default SSL provider in the operating system (usually OpenSSL).
  • async: this feature flag changes the send function on the SGClient into an asynchronous version. Note that without this feature flag, constructing an SGClient inside an asynchronous function is not possible.

Build Dependencies

This library utilises reqwest. Follow the instructions on the reqwest README in order to enable sending HTTPS requests to the SendGrid API.


An example of using this library can be found in the examples directory. This example code expects to find your SendGrid API key in the process environment. In shells such as Bash or ZSH this can be set as follows:

export SENDGRID_API_KEY="SG.my.api.key"



Please don't hesitate to contact me at the email listed in my profile. I will try to help as quickly as I can. If you would like to contribute, contact me as well.


Thanks to meehow for their contributions.

Thanks to richo for their improvements to the V2 API.




pub use error::SendgridError;
pub use error::SendgridResult;



Contains the error type used in this library.


This module encompasses all types needed to send mail using version 3 of the mail send API.



A destination is a combination of an email address and a name to whom emails can be sent.


This is a representation of a valid SendGrid message. It has support for all of the fields in the V2 API.


This is the struct that allows you to authenticate to the SendGrid API. It contains the API key which allows you to send messages as well as a blocking request client.