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A library containing standard offerings for Selium features, such as client codecs, compression, and more.

Selium Standard contains a rich selection of premade client codecs, compression implementations, etc, which have been created by the Selium Labs team to make the development experience as effortless as possible while using Selium.

§Feature flags

Do you only require a subset of features offered by Selium Standard? No worries! All offerings are intended to be entirely optional, and can be included via the respective feature flag. This in-turn will ensure that your binary is kept as slim as possible.

For example, if a developer would like to use one of the many compression implementations offered by the library, but uses their own proprietary codecs in-house, they can simply compile selium-std with the compression feature flag, and then adapt their own proprietary codec to Selium’s client codec interface by implementing the respective MessageEncoder and MessageDecoder traits located in the traits/ module.

  • compression: Enables all compression implementations.
  • codec: Enables all client codec implementations.
  • traits: Enables all traits. Enabled by default.
  • errors: Enables all errors. Enabled by default.


  • Exports interfaces to allow developers to adapt their own custom codecs, compression, etc, for use with Selium.