Trait see_through::Look

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pub trait Look<I>: See<I> + Index<I, Output = Self::Inner> + IndexMut<I, Output = Self::Inner> { }
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A trait to provide an additional ops::Index functionality over See

This trait, is an extension to that See trait, which also allows easier indexing with the help of ops::Index. This allows you to use simple formats like value[see_t::X] instead of using functions to get or set these values. This not only helps with ease of use, but also allows you to implement multiple Look clause on the generic, unlocking more lookups inside the generic.



impl<T, I, D> Look<I> for Twhere T: See<I, Inner = D> + Index<I, Output = D> + IndexMut<I, Output = D>,

This implementation is automatically derived when all the conditions are met.