Struct sctp_sys::common::sctp_sndrcvinfo [] [src]

pub struct sctp_sndrcvinfo { pub sinfo_stream: u16, pub sinfo_ssn: u16, pub sinfo_flags: u16, pub sinfo_ppid: u32, pub sinfo_context: u32, pub sinfo_timetolive: u32, pub sinfo_tsn: u32, pub sinfo_cumtsn: u32, pub sinfo_assoc_id: sctp_assoc_t, }


Stream sending to

Valid for recv only

Flags to control sending

ppid field

context field

timetolive for PR-SCTP

valid for recv only

valid for recv only

The association id

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for sctp_sndrcvinfo

Formats the value using the given formatter.

impl Copy for sctp_sndrcvinfo

impl Clone for sctp_sndrcvinfo

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