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A rust crate for mathematics and science

This library aims at improving the state of the scientific viability of Rust. A number of key functions are missing that are hindering the use of the language in certain domains, despite its other numerous advantages.

This crate will provide practical concepts (from constants to spherical harmonics functions) that will hopefully help many science developers.

Before you use: this crate is currently a work in progress and is thus missing many features. I will do my best to ensure both fast and correct computation, but it is evident that improvements could be found in the future. I will first implement concept I am familiar with, and work towards other domains later on.


The scilib crate is sub-divided in themes, to simplify its use.

General purpose

  • Math: Provides many base utilities, from complex numbers to bessel functions.
  • Coordinate: Provides support for coordinate systems, and their respective operations.
  • Constant: Contains many useful constants for physics
  • Signal: Convolution and fast Fourier transform functions
  • Range: Range generator to simplify vector creation

Specific purpose

  • Astronomy: Astronomical toolbox (wip)
  • Quantum: Quantum mechanics toolbox (wip)