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  • ASCII color helpers for use within error messages.
  • Built-in parse_env functions.
  • Built-in merge functions.
  • Generate schemas to render into outputs.
  • Built-in validate functions.



  • The result of loading a configuration. Includes the final configuration, and all layers that were loaded.
  • A layer of configuration that was loaded, and used to create the final state.
  • Provides metadata about a configuration struct or enum.
  • Error for a single parse failure. Can be used with TryFrom, [FromStr], or serde.
  • Error related to serde parsing.
  • Represents the path from the struct root to nested a field or field value.
  • Represents a field within a schema struct, or a variant within a schema enum/union.
  • Error for a single validation failure.
  • Error that contains multiple validation errors, for each setting that failed.


  • All configuration based errors.
  • Represents an extendable setting, either a string or a list of strings.
  • Supported source configuration formats.
  • Represents all the different forms a path is composed of.
  • All possible types within a schema.
  • Source from which to load a configuration.
  • Either contains a single or multiple validation errors.


  • A system for reading and writing to a cache for URL based configurations.
  • Represents the final configuration, with all settings populated with a value.
  • Represents an enumerable setting for use within a Config.
  • Represents a partial configuration of the base Config, with all settings marked as optional by wrapping the values in Option.
  • Defines a schema that represents the shape of the implementing type.


  • Returns true if the value looks like a file, by checking for file://, path separators, or supported file extensions.
  • Returns true if the value is a secure URL, by checking for https://. This check can be bypassed for localhost URLs.
  • Returns true if the value ends in a supported file extension.
  • Returns true if the value looks like a URL, by checking for http://, https://, or www.

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