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This crate includes the Schema trait and an associated derive macro. The Schema::schema method produces a syn::DeriveInput struct (which this crate re-exports) that represents the schema of the type on which the method is invoked.

Typically one operates with syn in proc macro context, parsing a [proc_macro::TokenStream] into a syn::DeriveInput. Operating in proc macro context can be tricky. It may be desireable to do early development, testing, or non-performance critical work in program context instead. For example, if one were to encode the schema for a type in a standard such as JSON Schema, it might be simpler, more expedient, and sufficiently efficient to do so in program context rather than building the full derive macro.

This crate is something of an experiment and certainly a work in progress. Feedback, suggestions for improvements, and–especially–PRs are very welcome.



Data structure sent to a proc_macro_derive macro.



Produces a schema for the type expressed as a DeriveInput, re-exported from the syn crate.

Derive Macros