[][src]Struct sam3x8e::pioc::RegisterBlock

pub struct RegisterBlock { pub per: PER, pub pdr: PDR, pub psr: PSR, pub oer: OER, pub odr: ODR, pub osr: OSR, pub ifer: IFER, pub ifdr: IFDR, pub ifsr: IFSR, pub sodr: SODR, pub codr: CODR, pub odsr: ODSR, pub pdsr: PDSR, pub ier: IER, pub idr: IDR, pub imr: IMR, pub isr: ISR, pub mder: MDER, pub mddr: MDDR, pub mdsr: MDSR, pub pudr: PUDR, pub puer: PUER, pub pusr: PUSR, pub absr: ABSR, pub scifsr: SCIFSR, pub difsr: DIFSR, pub ifdgsr: IFDGSR, pub scdr: SCDR, pub ower: OWER, pub owdr: OWDR, pub owsr: OWSR, pub aimer: AIMER, pub aimdr: AIMDR, pub aimmr: AIMMR, pub esr: ESR, pub lsr: LSR, pub elsr: ELSR, pub fellsr: FELLSR, pub rehlsr: REHLSR, pub frlhsr: FRLHSR, pub locksr: LOCKSR, pub wpmr: WPMR, pub wpsr: WPSR, // some fields omitted }

Register block


per: PER

0x00 - PIO Enable Register

pdr: PDR

0x04 - PIO Disable Register

psr: PSR

0x08 - PIO Status Register

oer: OER

0x10 - Output Enable Register

odr: ODR

0x14 - Output Disable Register

osr: OSR

0x18 - Output Status Register

ifer: IFER

0x20 - Glitch Input Filter Enable Register

ifdr: IFDR

0x24 - Glitch Input Filter Disable Register

ifsr: IFSR

0x28 - Glitch Input Filter Status Register

sodr: SODR

0x30 - Set Output Data Register

codr: CODR

0x34 - Clear Output Data Register

odsr: ODSR

0x38 - Output Data Status Register

pdsr: PDSR

0x3c - Pin Data Status Register

ier: IER

0x40 - Interrupt Enable Register

idr: IDR

0x44 - Interrupt Disable Register

imr: IMR

0x48 - Interrupt Mask Register

isr: ISR

0x4c - Interrupt Status Register

mder: MDER

0x50 - Multi-driver Enable Register

mddr: MDDR

0x54 - Multi-driver Disable Register

mdsr: MDSR

0x58 - Multi-driver Status Register

pudr: PUDR

0x60 - Pull-up Disable Register

puer: PUER

0x64 - Pull-up Enable Register

pusr: PUSR

0x68 - Pad Pull-up Status Register

absr: ABSR

0x70 - Peripheral AB Select Register

scifsr: SCIFSR

0x80 - System Clock Glitch Input Filter Select Register

difsr: DIFSR

0x84 - Debouncing Input Filter Select Register

ifdgsr: IFDGSR

0x88 - Glitch or Debouncing Input Filter Clock Selection Status Register

scdr: SCDR

0x8c - Slow Clock Divider Debouncing Register

ower: OWER

0xa0 - Output Write Enable

owdr: OWDR

0xa4 - Output Write Disable

owsr: OWSR

0xa8 - Output Write Status Register

aimer: AIMER

0xb0 - Additional Interrupt Modes Enable Register

aimdr: AIMDR

0xb4 - Additional Interrupt Modes Disables Register

aimmr: AIMMR

0xb8 - Additional Interrupt Modes Mask Register

esr: ESR

0xc0 - Edge Select Register

lsr: LSR

0xc4 - Level Select Register

elsr: ELSR

0xc8 - Edge/Level Status Register

fellsr: FELLSR

0xd0 - Falling Edge/Low Level Select Register

rehlsr: REHLSR

0xd4 - Rising Edge/ High Level Select Register

frlhsr: FRLHSR

0xd8 - Fall/Rise - Low/High Status Register

locksr: LOCKSR

0xe0 - Lock Status

wpmr: WPMR

0xe4 - Write Protect Mode Register

wpsr: WPSR

0xe8 - Write Protect Status Register

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