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Initilize S3 handler to manipulate objects and buckets use s3handler = { features = [“blocking”] }

let config = s3handler::blocking::CredentialConfig{
    host: "s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com".to_string(),
    access_key: "akey".to_string(),
    secret_key: "skey".to_string(),
    user: None,
    region: None, // default is us-east-1
    s3_type: None, // default will try to config as AWS S3 handler
    secure: None, // dafault is false, because the integrity protect by HMAC
let mut handler = s3handler::blocking::Handler::from(&config);
let _ = handler.la();

Download a file with async api use s3handler = { features = [“tokio-async”] }

// Public resource
let s3_pool = s3handler::none_blocking::primitives::S3Pool::new("somewhere.in.the.world".to_string());
let obj = s3_pool.bucket("bucket_name").object("objcet_name");
async {

S3 async handler to manipulate objects and buckets. This treat all data as pool and create a canal to bridge two pool. It is easy to management and sync data from folder to S3, S3 to S3, event folder to folder.

no_run +——+ | Pool | (UpPool) modify by from_ prefixed api +——+ | ^ Pull | | Push v | +——+ | Pool | (DownPool) modify by toward_ prefixed api +——+

use s3handler::none_blocking::traits::DataPool;

// Resource with AWS version 2 auth
let s3_pool = s3handler::none_blocking::primitives::S3Pool::new("somewhere.in.the.world".to_string())
        .aws_v2("access-key".to_string(), "secrete-key".to_string());
let bucket = s3_pool.bucket("bucket_name");
// Actually the bucket is a unconnnected canal
let canal = bucket.toward("/path/to/another/folder").unwrap();
// The canal bridges the two folder and ready to transfer data between bucket and folder
// canal.sync().awit;


pub use blocking::*;
pub use tokio_async as none_blocking;
pub use utils::S3Convert;
pub use utils::S3Object;


Initilize S3 handler to manipulate objects and buckets

Error management module