[][src]Struct s3find::arg::FindOpt

pub struct FindOpt {
    pub path: S3path,
    pub aws_access_key: Option<String>,
    pub aws_secret_key: Option<String>,
    pub aws_region: Region,
    pub name: Vec<NameGlob>,
    pub iname: Vec<InameGlob>,
    pub regex: Vec<Regex>,
    pub mtime: Vec<FindTime>,
    pub size: Vec<FindSize>,
    pub limit: Option<usize>,
    pub page_size: i64,
    pub summarize: bool,
    pub cmd: Option<Cmd>,

Walk an Amazon S3 path hierarchy


path: S3path

S3 path to walk through. It should be s3://bucket/path

aws_access_key: Option<String>

AWS access key. Unrequired.

aws_secret_key: Option<String>

AWS secret key. Unrequired

aws_region: Region

The region to use. Default value is us-east-1

name: Vec<NameGlob>

Glob pattern for match, can be multiple

iname: Vec<InameGlob>

Case-insensitive glob pattern for match, can be multiple

regex: Vec<Regex>

Regex pattern for match, can be multiple

mtime: Vec<FindTime>

Modification time for match

size: Vec<FindSize>

File size for match

limit: Option<usize>

Limit result

page_size: i64

The number of results to return in each response to a list operation.

summarize: bool

Print summary statistic

cmd: Option<Cmd>

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for FindOpt[src]

impl From<FindOpt> for Find[src]

impl From<FindOpt> for FilterList[src]

impl Debug for FindOpt[src]

impl StructOpt for FindOpt[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for FindOpt

impl Sync for FindOpt

impl Send for FindOpt

impl UnwindSafe for FindOpt

impl !RefUnwindSafe for FindOpt

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