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High level synchronous S3 client.

This client wraps Rusoto S3 and provides the following features:

  • check if bucket or object exists,
  • list objects that match prefix as iterator that handles pagination transparently,
  • put large objects via multipart API and follow progress via callback,
  • delete single or any number of objects via bulk delete API,
  • deffer execution using ensure crate for putting and deleting objects.

Example usage

use s3_sync::{S3, Region, ObjectBodyMeta, Object, Bucket};
use std::io::Cursor;
use std::io::Read;

let test_bucket = std::env::var("S3_TEST_BUCKET").expect("S3_TEST_BUCKET not set");
let test_key = "foobar.test";

let s3 = S3::new(Region::default());

let bucket = s3.check_bucket_exists(Bucket::from_name(test_bucket)).expect("check if bucket exists").left().expect("bucket does not exist");
let object = Object::from_key(&bucket, test_key.to_owned());

let body = Cursor::new(b"hello world".to_vec());
let object = s3.put_object(object, body, ObjectBodyMeta::default()).unwrap();

let mut body = Vec::new();
s3.get_body(&object).expect("object body").read_to_end(&mut body).unwrap();

assert_eq!(&body, b"hello world");



pub use ensure;
pub use either;


Represents S3 bucket.

Represents object in a bucket.

Meta information about object body.

Wrapper of Rusoto S3 client that adds some high level imperative and declarative operations on S3 buckets and objects.

Information about transfer progress.


Method used for checking if given object exists

An AWS region.

Information about status of the ongoing transfer.