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§S3 high-performance algorithms

High-performance algorithms for batch operations in Amazon S3.

  • Upload multiple files with S3Algo::upload_files.
  • List files with S3Algo::s3_list_objects or S3Algo::s3_list_prefix, and then execute deletion or copy on all the files.



  • The Timeout trait defines the how the timeout value of a multi-file upload evolves based on past file upload results. A default implementation TimeoutState is provided.




  • Convenience function (using walkdir) to traverse all files in directory src_dir. Returns an iterator that can be used as input to S3Algo::upload_files, which uploads files with a key equal to the file’s path with src_dir stripped away, and with key_prefix prepended.
  • Issue a single S3 request, with retries and appropriate timeouts using sane defaults. Basically an easier, less general version of s3_request.