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S3 high-performance algorithms

High-performance algorithms for batch operations in Amazon S3.

  • Upload multiple files with S3Algo::upload_files.
  • List files with S3Algo::s3_list_objects or S3Algo::s3_list_prefix, and then execute deletion or copy on all the files.


pub use err::Error;


The Timeout trait defines the how the timeout value of a multi-file upload evolves based on past file upload results. A default implementation TimeoutState is provided.


A stream that can list objects, and (using member functions) delete or copy listed files.

Result of a single S3 request.

These settings are specific to the kind of operation we do. For example delete or put in S3.



Convenience function (using walkdir) to traverse all files in directory src_dir. Returns an iterator that can be used as input to S3Algo::upload_files, which uploads files with a key equal to the file’s path with src_dir stripped away, and with key_prefix prepended.

Issue a single S3 request, with retries and appropriate timeouts using sane defaults. Basically an easier, less general version of s3_request.

S3 client for testing - assumes local minio on port 9000 and an existing credentials profile called testing

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