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Rustwide is a library to execute your code on the Rust ecosystem, powering projects like Crater and docs.rs.

Feature flags

Rustwide provides some optional features that can be enabled with Cargo:

  • unstable: allow Rustwide to use unstable Rust and Cargo features. While this feature also works on Rust stable it might cause Rustwide to break, and no stability guarantee is present when using it!
  • unstable-toolchain-ci: allow fetching toolchains from rustc’s CI artifacts storage. Support for them is incomplete (not all methods might work), and there is no stability guarantee when using them!


pub use crate::toolchain::Toolchain;


Command execution and sandboxing.

rustwide’s logging system and related utilities.

Tools to manage and use Rust toolchains.


A type for alternative registry as described in rust-lang/rfcs#2141

API to interact with a running build.

Builder for configuring builds in a BuildDirectory.

Directory in the Workspace where builds can be executed.

A Rust crate that can be used with rustwide.

Directory on the filesystem containing rustwide’s state and caches.


Error happened while preparing a crate for a build.