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Rustmann is the rust client for riemann, a popular event aggregator and processor for distributed system.

This implementation is based on tokio and using async-await style API.


  • Full async-await API
  • TCP/UDP/TLS transport support
  • Auto reconnect
  • Send and query API
  • EventBuilder
  • A usable Cli in example

Quick Start

use rustmann::{EventBuilder, RiemannClient, RiemannClientError, RiemannClientOptions};

async fn main() -> Result<(), RiemannClientError> {
    // create client with default configuration (to localhost:5555)
    let mut client = RiemannClient::new(&RiemannClientOptions::default());

    // create a riemann event using evnet builder API
    let event = EventBuilder::new()

    // send event to server
    let response = client.send_events(vec![event]).await?;
    println!("{:?}", response);

    // query riemann
    let query_response = client.send_query("service = \"riemann_test\"").await?;
    println!("{:?}", query_response);

See examples for more usage demo.



Riemann event data builder

Riemann connection options


The error type