Trait rustix::path::Arg

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pub trait Arg {
    fn as_str(&self) -> Result<&str>;
    fn to_string_lossy(&self) -> Cow<'_, str>;
    fn as_cow_c_str(&self) -> Result<Cow<'_, CStr>>;
    fn into_c_str<'b>(self) -> Result<Cow<'b, CStr>>
        Self: 'b
; fn into_with_c_str<T, F>(self, f: F) -> Result<T>
        Self: Sized,
        F: FnOnce(&CStr) -> Result<T>
; }
Available on crate features fs or net only.
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A trait for passing path arguments.

This is similar to AsRef<Path>, but is implemented for more kinds of strings and can convert into more kinds of strings.


use rustix::ffi::CStr;
use rustix::io;
use rustix::path::Arg;

pub fn touch<P: Arg>(path: P) -> io::Result<()> {
    let path = path.into_c_str()?;

fn _touch(path: &CStr) -> io::Result<()> {
    // implementation goes here

Users can then call touch("foo"), touch(cstr!("foo")), touch(Path::new("foo")), or many other things.

Required Methods

Returns a view of this string as a string slice.

Returns a potentially-lossy rendering of this string as a Cow<'_, str>.

Returns a view of this string as a maybe-owned CStr.

Consumes self and returns a view of this string as a maybe-owned CStr.

Runs a closure with self passed in as a &CStr.

Implementations on Foreign Types