Crate rustic_gl[][src]

This library provides a number of utilities for working with OpenGL directly.

This library expects you to already be comfortable with OpenGL. This library provides the very basic functions that you would have to write anyways when starting a new project.

As your project grows, when a function becomes insufficient for your use case, you can copy the code from here and then modify it as necessary for your project. If your code becomes useful accross many OpenGL apps, feel free to open a pull request.

The raw module contains basic functions like create_buffer() and create_vao(), and the error module provides a very basic, boilerplate GlError type.

A "goody" included in the library is the create_basic_program(vertex_src, shader_src) function, which may save you a few minutes when making a new project or small toy app.

A good example of when you may want to just copy code from this library, instead of using it directly, is when you are writing a shader program generator and decide on an opinionated framework using the GLSL preprocessor. You could refer to the source of create_linked_program as a starting point.


pub extern crate gl;



Tools for working with compile time Vertex Attributes.




Specify the layout of a single OpenGL buffer.