[][src]Crate rustf8

Essentially, this crate allows to convert a u8 iterator into a char iterator. It is meant to iterate around an I/O and it decodes a single character at a time. The underling iterator can be an iterator for a BufRead or a Cursor, for example.


I wrote this crate as part of a learning project, not because there weren't alternatives or to write something better. There are already Rust crates to decode UTF-8. This crate may only make some sense if your hardware is so low in memory that would pay off to decode directly from the IO buffer (something unlikely to happen these days, right?) or you really need to decode a single character at a time.



A Utf8Iterator wraps a UTF-8 decoder around an iterator for Read.



The Utf8Iterator will identify UTF-8 decoding errors returning the enum Utf8IteratorError.