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Demangle Rust compiler symbol names.

This crate provides a demangle function which will return a Demangle sentinel value that can be used to learn about the demangled version of a symbol name. The demangled representation will be the same as the original if it doesn’t look like a mangled symbol name.

Demangle can be formatted with the Display trait. The alternate modifier (#) can be used to format the symbol name without the trailing hash value.


use rustc_demangle::demangle;

assert_eq!(demangle("_ZN4testE").to_string(), "test");
assert_eq!(demangle("_ZN3foo3barE").to_string(), "foo::bar");
assert_eq!(demangle("foo").to_string(), "foo");
// With hash
assert_eq!(format!("{}", demangle("_ZN3foo17h05af221e174051e9E")), "foo::h05af221e174051e9");
// Without hash
assert_eq!(format!("{:#}", demangle("_ZN3foo17h05af221e174051e9E")), "foo");


  • Representation of a demangled symbol name.
  • Error returned from the try_demangle function below when demangling fails.


  • De-mangles a Rust symbol into a more readable version
  • Process a stream of data from input into the provided output, demangling any symbols found within.
  • The same as demangle, except return an Err if the string does not appear to be a Rust symbol, rather than “demangling” the given string as a no-op.