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A helpful macro for instantiating Decimal numbers.

By default, this requires rust_decimal to be available at the project root. e.g. the macro will effectively produce:

::rust_decimal::Decimal::from_parts(12345, 0, 0, false, 4)

While this is convenient for most use cases, it is sometimes not desired behavior when looking to reexport the library. Consequently, this behavior can be modified by enabling the feature reexportable. When this feature is enabled, the macro will instead reproduce the functional equivalent of:

Decimal::from_parts(12345, 0, 0, false, 4)


use rust_decimal_macros::dec;

// If the reexportable feature is enabled, `Decimal` needs to be in scope
#[cfg(feature = "reexportable")]
use rust_decimal::Decimal;

let number = dec!(1.2345);
assert_eq!("1.2345", number.to_string());
let number = dec!(-5.4321);
assert_eq!("-5.4321", number.to_string());


  • Convenience function for creating decimal numbers