Struct rust_releases_rust_dist_with_cli::RustDistWithCLI[][src]

pub struct RustDistWithCLI { /* fields omitted */ }

A Source which parses Rust release data from the AWS S3 index.

The data files required as input must be obtained separately (i.e. FetchResources is not implemented for RustDistWithCLI). You can download the input data files by using the aws cli utility and running: aws --no-sign-request s3 ls static-rust-lang-org/dist/ > rust_dist_with_cli.txt

You may then load the source by creating the RustDistWithCLI and calling the build_index method from the Source trait.

use rust_releases_core::Source;
use rust_releases_rust_dist_with_cli::RustDistWithCLI;

let source = RustDistWithCLI::from_path("rust_dist_with_cli.txt");
let index = source.build_index().expect("Unable to build a release index");

Alternatively you can look at RustDist which also uses the AWS S3 index, but obtains the input data differently. The RustDist source does include a FetchResources implementation.


impl RustDistWithCLI[src]

pub fn from_path<P: AsRef<Path>>(path: P) -> Self[src]

Creates a RustDistWithCLI from a path.

Trait Implementations

impl Source for RustDistWithCLI[src]

type Error = RustDistWithCLIError

The error to be returned when an index can not be build for a source.

Auto Trait Implementations

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