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This is a Rust implementanion of a CL universal accumulator as described here.

An accumulation is a fixed size digest that, along with the witness of an element’s addition, can be used to prove an element is a member of a set. The drawback to this solution is that any state changes to the accumulation invalidate the witneses of the other elements in the set, requiring computational resources to update them.

The benefit of CL accumulators is that they support efficient untrusted witness updates. The resource intensive task of updating witnesses can be outsourced to an untrusted party without sacrificing the integrity of the accumulator.

This project is focused on a use case where a central authority is both memory- and processing-constrained. The authority controls the private key and is able to add and delete elements while untrusted workers are able to recalculate witnesses provided they have access to the previous witnesses, the current state of the accumulator, and its public key.


pub use typenum;


Module for implementations using blake2.

Module for implementations using rust-gmp.

Module for implementations using velocypack.


An accumulator.

An element serializer that returns a clone of the element.

A sum of updates to be applied to witnesses.

A witness of an element’s membership in an accumulator.


A trait describing an arbitrary precision integer.

A trait describing BigInt addition.

A trait describing BigInt division.

A trait describing BigInt multiplication.

A trait describing BigInt subtraction.

A trait describing a method for serializing an arbitrary data type.

A trait describing a method for converting some arbitrary data to a fixed sized digest.