Struct rusqlite::SqliteRow [] [src]

pub struct SqliteRow<'stmt> {
    // some fields omitted

A single result row of a query.


impl<'stmt> SqliteRow<'stmt>

fn get<T: FromSql>(&self, idx: c_int) -> T

Get the value of a particular column of the result row.

Note that SqliteRow can panic at runtime if you use it incorrectly. When you are retrieving the rows of a query, a row becomes stale once you have requested the next row, and the values can no longer be retrieved. In general (when using looping over the rows, for example) this isn't an issue, but it means you cannot do something like this:

fn bad_function_will_panic(conn: &SqliteConnection) -> SqliteResult<i64> {
    let mut stmt = try!(conn.prepare("SELECT id FROM my_table"));
    let mut rows = try!(stmt.query(&[]));

    let row0 = try!(;
    // row 0 is value now...

    let row1 = try!(;
    // row 0 is now STALE, and row 1 is valid

    let my_id = row0.get(0); // WILL PANIC because row 0 is stale


Panics if idx is outside the range of columns in the returned query or if this row is stale.

fn get_checked<T: FromSql>(&self, idx: c_int) -> SqliteResult<T>

Get the value of a particular column of the result row.


Returns a SQLITE_MISMATCH-coded SqliteError if the underlying SQLite column type is not a valid type as a source for T.

Returns a SQLITE_MISUSE-coded SqliteError if idx is outside the valid column range for this row or if this row is stale.