[][src]Enum rusoto_route53::CreateHealthCheckError

pub enum CreateHealthCheckError {

Errors returned by CreateHealthCheck



The health check you're attempting to create already exists. Amazon Route 53 returns this error when you submit a request that has the following values:

  • The same value for CallerReference as an existing health check, and one or more values that differ from the existing health check that has the same caller reference.

  • The same value for CallerReference as a health check that you created and later deleted, regardless of the other settings in the request.


The input is not valid.


This health check can't be created because the current account has reached the limit on the number of active health checks.

For information about default limits, see Limits in the Amazon Route 53 Developer Guide.

For information about how to get the current limit for an account, see GetAccountLimit. To request a higher limit, create a case with the AWS Support Center.

You have reached the maximum number of active health checks for an AWS account. To request a higher limit, create a case with the AWS Support Center.


An error occurred dispatching the HTTP request


An error was encountered with AWS credentials.


A validation error occurred. Details from AWS are provided.


An error occurred parsing the response payload.


An unknown error occurred. The raw HTTP response is provided.


impl CreateHealthCheckError[src]

Trait Implementations

impl PartialEq<CreateHealthCheckError> for CreateHealthCheckError[src]

impl From<XmlParseError> for CreateHealthCheckError[src]

impl From<CredentialsError> for CreateHealthCheckError[src]

impl From<HttpDispatchError> for CreateHealthCheckError[src]

impl From<Error> for CreateHealthCheckError[src]

impl Display for CreateHealthCheckError[src]

impl Debug for CreateHealthCheckError[src]

impl Error for CreateHealthCheckError[src]

fn cause(&self) -> Option<&dyn Error>

Deprecated since 1.33.0:

replaced by Error::source, which can support downcasting

The lower-level cause of this error, if any. Read more

fn source(&self) -> Option<&(dyn Error + 'static)>

The lower-level source of this error, if any. Read more

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