[][src]Struct rusoto_opsworks::UpdateUserProfileRequest

pub struct UpdateUserProfileRequest {
    pub allow_self_management: Option<bool>,
    pub iam_user_arn: String,
    pub ssh_public_key: Option<String>,
    pub ssh_username: Option<String>,


allow_self_management: Option<bool>

Whether users can specify their own SSH public key through the My Settings page. For more information, see Managing User Permissions.

iam_user_arn: String

The user IAM ARN. This can also be a federated user's ARN.

ssh_public_key: Option<String>

The user's new SSH public key.

ssh_username: Option<String>

The user's SSH user name. The allowable characters are [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9], '-', and '_'. If the specified name includes other punctuation marks, AWS OpsWorks Stacks removes them. For example, my.name will be changed to myname. If you do not specify an SSH user name, AWS OpsWorks Stacks generates one from the IAM user name.

Trait Implementations

impl PartialEq<UpdateUserProfileRequest> for UpdateUserProfileRequest[src]

impl Default for UpdateUserProfileRequest[src]

impl Clone for UpdateUserProfileRequest[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Debug for UpdateUserProfileRequest[src]

impl Serialize for UpdateUserProfileRequest[src]

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