[][src]Struct rusoto_iot1click_projects::Iot1ClickProjectsClient

pub struct Iot1ClickProjectsClient { /* fields omitted */ }

A client for the AWS IoT 1-Click Projects API.


impl Iot1ClickProjectsClient[src]

pub fn new(region: Region) -> Iot1ClickProjectsClient[src]

Creates a client backed by the default tokio event loop.

The client will use the default credentials provider and tls client.

pub fn new_with<P, D>(
    request_dispatcher: D,
    credentials_provider: P,
    region: Region
) -> Iot1ClickProjectsClient where
    P: ProvideAwsCredentials + Send + Sync + 'static,
    P::Future: Send,
    D: DispatchSignedRequest + Send + Sync + 'static,
    D::Future: Send

Trait Implementations

impl Iot1ClickProjects for Iot1ClickProjectsClient[src]

fn associate_device_with_placement(
    input: AssociateDeviceWithPlacementRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<AssociateDeviceWithPlacementResponse, AssociateDeviceWithPlacementError>

Associates a physical device with a placement.

fn create_placement(
    input: CreatePlacementRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<CreatePlacementResponse, CreatePlacementError>

Creates an empty placement.

fn create_project(
    input: CreateProjectRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<CreateProjectResponse, CreateProjectError>

Creates an empty project with a placement template. A project contains zero or more placements that adhere to the placement template defined in the project.

fn delete_placement(
    input: DeletePlacementRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DeletePlacementResponse, DeletePlacementError>

Deletes a placement. To delete a placement, it must not have any devices associated with it.

When you delete a placement, all associated data becomes irretrievable.

fn delete_project(
    input: DeleteProjectRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DeleteProjectResponse, DeleteProjectError>

Deletes a project. To delete a project, it must not have any placements associated with it.

When you delete a project, all associated data becomes irretrievable.

fn describe_placement(
    input: DescribePlacementRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DescribePlacementResponse, DescribePlacementError>

Describes a placement in a project.

fn describe_project(
    input: DescribeProjectRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DescribeProjectResponse, DescribeProjectError>

Returns an object describing a project.

fn disassociate_device_from_placement(
    input: DisassociateDeviceFromPlacementRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DisassociateDeviceFromPlacementResponse, DisassociateDeviceFromPlacementError>

Removes a physical device from a placement.

fn get_devices_in_placement(
    input: GetDevicesInPlacementRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<GetDevicesInPlacementResponse, GetDevicesInPlacementError>

Returns an object enumerating the devices in a placement.

fn list_placements(
    input: ListPlacementsRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<ListPlacementsResponse, ListPlacementsError>

Lists the placement(s) of a project.

fn list_projects(
    input: ListProjectsRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<ListProjectsResponse, ListProjectsError>

Lists the AWS IoT 1-Click project(s) associated with your AWS account and region.

fn update_placement(
    input: UpdatePlacementRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<UpdatePlacementResponse, UpdatePlacementError>

Updates a placement with the given attributes. To clear an attribute, pass an empty value (i.e., "").

fn update_project(
    input: UpdateProjectRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<UpdateProjectResponse, UpdateProjectError>

Updates a project associated with your AWS account and region. With the exception of device template names, you can pass just the values that need to be updated because the update request will change only the values that are provided. To clear a value, pass the empty string (i.e., "").

impl Clone for Iot1ClickProjectsClient[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

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